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About Takela

Takela Levett was born in Lake Charles, LA. However, she was raised in inner city Atlanta, GA. Takela has always had a strong desire to live life to her greatest potential. Although she was raised with humble beginnings, she believes that it’s this experience that has gifted her the ability to relate and understand a broad range of people and different socioeconomic struggles. Throughout her life she continues to raise the bar after every achievement, by pushing, and personally requiring excellence from herself always. She has always understood her role as leader, even early in age. Sharing her journey and encouraging others that if she, a little girl from “The Bluff,” could be successful anyone could!

Takela Levett is the Founder of E&L Financial Consulting Firm, The Founder of the ELF Network, a Public Speaker, and a Philanthropist. She is a graduate of Georgia State University, and later continued her education to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Management. Takela has over 18 years of Corporate Finance and Management experience, she is embodied with a passion and desire to help others through financial literacy and leadership. She has a strong desire to give back to her community, and currently serves as a board member and Treasurer for Foster Care Friends, Inc. She also serves as a mentor to many and she has a soft spot for youth and the elderly.

In her personal life, Takela is a devoted mother of three children, one Son -In-Law, and a very proud “Queen Ma” to one grandchild. When she has a moment to take life slow, she prefers to spend her time with those she believes are most important to her, family and friends. She enjoys relaxing activities such as nature walks or runs, visiting spa’s, travel, enjoying A girl’s night out on the town, or simply a fun day with close family laughing and making memories.


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